micro vcmtone (1f60e mix)
  Mar 31st 2019 7:56am
rubbish title yes

some weird microtonal nonsense, decided against using a properly tuned sequencer so no normal scale here

modules used:

core (audio out)
fundamental (vco, seq, vcf, lfo etc.)
bogaudio (fm-op)
hora (frequency divider, hihat, snare drum)
drumkit (synthetic bass drum)
as (bpm clock)

uses a fast clock which is then divided up to change the sequence, the render is the exact output of the patch (except for a bit of compression and limiting using ardour) from the start, so no knob twidding going on :p

I used two clock modules of different frequencies, and I switched between the two clock speeds using a mixer. the sequence is also put through a vcf near the end, which is also controlled by a sequencer.

I do love vcv rack but it is kinda annoying to have a botb format where the raw computing power is a limitation, the patch runs slow enough on my computer and I kept getting xruns when recording (the joys of using USB audio). vcvrack is still great though, even for the poor performance
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