e621core pants short slow

mario x yoshi fanfic
  May 14th 2017 11:28am
why is the website automatically making me fav my own track when i didn't do that

I wanted to see what i could do in like half an hour w/ mario pants.
i made a flintstones "drum and bass" cover in lydian but i accidentally overwrote the file so I put this instead. I didn't understand how to export the audio from the program so i recorded it in audacity and added some effects, does that mean it should technically be allgear

(EDIT: post-production removed)
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post #83853 :: 2017.05.14 11:44am :: edit 2017.05.14 11:48am
  tennisers and dpc liēkd this
auto-favouriting happens if you listen to a track 5 times. if its your own track it will still happen. its a feature :)

rendering to mp3 for a particular format should come without any post-production. if you just re-render to mp3 without any post then it belongs here. if its an allgear, remix or wildchip format then post doesnt matter.

btw if you want a wav export from mariopants itself for any reason, in mariopants click the save button, then use the drop down menu to choose the filetype .wav instead of .sho. then you can do whatever you like with it from there.

happy botbing
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post #83854 :: 2017.05.14 11:46am
ohhhh thanks for the clarification
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post #84777 :: 2017.05.28 1:17am
Auto favouring sucks I don't like

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