Winter Chip VII

  35th/157   Σ26.067   Mar 4th 2012 8:48am   tincan

SpecialFX engine, recorded from real hardware. Crank up teh bass when u listen to this. Btw wasn't it possible to upload .tap files for the beeper category before? anyway this is a 48k sna, some emulators don't like those. try real, unreal or fuse for playback.
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post #18357 :: 2012.03.11 7:44am
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One of the few SpecialFX tunes I can actually listen to
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post #18528 :: 2012.03.18 6:15pm
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there's a very cool fatness to this
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post #18560 :: 2012.03.20 9:02am
my fav beeper tune this year!
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post #18809 :: 2012.05.02 6:28am
Very good.
Did You load it into Spectrum via tape or do you finally have a divIDE interface? :)
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post #33420 :: 2013.11.13 12:01pm
excellent work. I had a spectrum cassette called ATV simulator that did a similar sound at the start of your song :)
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post #33424 :: 2013.11.13 2:30pm
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This is some excellent special FX!
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post #33434 :: 2013.11.14 12:28am :: edit 2013.11.14 12:29am
gotoandplay, maybe because it's the same (or, it's better be said, similar) beeper engine that was used here? ^,^

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