lily pad
  Apr 2nd 2018 12:17am
I'm a n00b to VGM, but here is my entry. I made this in Logic Pro with a combination of stock plugins, Kontakt Battery 4 for drums, Omnisphere for the guitar and synths, and a combination of FabFilter, Goodhertz, and stock plugins for mixing and mastering.

It sounds nothing like it, but for some reason, I couldn't get the Ocarina of Time OST out of my head as I made this, so I suppose that's the inspiration.

Oh, and I played all the parts in real time; no piano roll part writing for me.
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post #98174 :: 2018.04.02 4:30am
Very nice
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post #98186 :: 2018.04.02 5:30am
This sounds nice!

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