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kungfufurby gives up on youtube.xm
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post #95091 :: 2018.02.03 2:18pm
  Notademoscener liēkd this
So I see you're aware of my old YouTube videos. Yeah, I haven't really been using that thing due to the sheer filesize of the videos. Plus, any video projects I had under construction (and abandoned) prior to August 2014 are forever unusable in their state, although the raw footage survives, due to me using iMovie HD and suffering a hardware failure on the G5.

I may return to that someday... I do have a music video idea for one of my entries that I could create a SNES ROM out of.
Level 13 Chipist
post #95092 :: 2018.02.03 2:20pm :: edit 2018.02.03 2:21pm
.....ok. i dunno if it's possible.
edit: or you should develop an snes game
Level 27 Chipist
post #95093 :: 2018.02.03 2:37pm
Right ahead of you! I recently restarted my attempts at creating SNES ROMs (about a month and a half ago). I had previously attempted to code back in 2012-2013... and was unable to continue due to college work.
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post #95349 :: 2018.02.05 12:55am
Well now that was a really cool build up.
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post #95620 :: 2018.02.08 2:32pm
does anybody know how to convert .it to snes? because smconv.exe keeps refusing
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post #95677 :: 2018.02.10 8:45am
Refusing? As in you get an unplayable SPC file (even if you trim it down to 66,048 bytes), or simply no SPC at all?

If it's an unplayable SPC file (provided it's not a memory overflow: SNESMod doesn't have an exact memory overflow case), then try initializing instruments first. They are required for SNESMod.

If you get no SPC file, then... what error are you receiving?
Level 8 Playa
post #95678 :: 2018.02.10 9:10am
What tracker did you make this with? Libxmp says it's an invalid XM file, and DUMB cuts it off just when it starts getting good (around 0:34, but perhaps that's how the song is supposed to be).
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post #95681 :: 2018.02.10 1:44pm
  VirtualMan liēkd this
This XM file was made with OpenMPT, going by the file data. It does open fine in's Fasttracker II clone.
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post #95684 :: 2018.02.10 3:19pm
i wanted to make snes music so bad
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post #96081 :: 2018.02.16 7:58am
also snesmod is for .it files not .xm, though you have xmsnes if you wanted to do conversions for xm
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post #96857 :: 2018.02.27 10:51pm
  tennisers liēkd this
i have really liked ur entries, they have a yume nikki-esque sincerity to them

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