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None yet! =D/
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post #13049 :: 2010.03.26 8:14pm :: edit 2010.03.26 8:16pm
This is my favorite entry of all of them. We're like, the only two that fit the theme and don't have MIDIs.

I love how you format this as an ad. It reminds me of this funny joke site I know called Thorax Corporation
(Oh hey look Friki Markup is borked). I was trying to shoot for something humorous and something reminiscent of Thorax, but alas, coding it well AND getting it done in time weren't going to work out for me.

Oh well, my sense of humor wouldn't work, anyway!

Since I knew the other two stood a greater chance of winning, instead of giving tristendo martain a 5 and zanzan only a 5, I gave both a five. I should've gone for a 3 or 4. I wanted this to win, even if the images were borked!

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