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At this point, I'm not even sure how far I am from the settlement. At this point, I probably won't be able to find my way back. Things had gotten oddly vertical. Just ladders and ladders and huge chasms... I'd about had my fill of climbing with this particular one. So high I couldn't see the bottom. The valve on the hatch at the top was good and rusted shut. I beat on it with my hammer for what seemed like an hour. At this point, I was either going up and out or straight back down in a hurry.

But the hatch did finally relent, and up I went. Blinding light filled my very being. What could possibly be burning that would be this bright? I shielded my eyes as they adjusted. A strange smell hit me while I waited. I could smell it even through my mask. Strewn about this room were wires and... Ancient electronics? It didn't matter, for a large hole in the wall revealed the source of light. This must be it. The "sun." I would have thought it would burn me, but it was no warmer than the body of another.

Long ago, we supposedly lived here. On the "outside." Our huge planet spinning and rotating around a close star. This created great Seasons, changes of environment. One of searing heat. One of death and hibernation. One of frigid ice. And this one... This one must be Spring.
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post #65954 :: 2016.04.03 12:51pm
nice setup
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post #66637 :: 2016.04.27 8:08am
i get this man, i get this...
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post #68048 :: 2016.05.23 7:01pm
oh my god i love this

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