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  203rd/215   Σ17.168   Jan 5th 2013 6:48pm
technically i trashed this, but lets just upload this so i have a regular nsf entry

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post #21407 :: 2013.01.06 11:16pm
  Doxic liēkd this
LOL! i like the square arp! GREAT!
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post #22421 :: 2013.01.28 2:01am
This song isn't my usual work, but it's still...okay, I guess. I normally don't even LISTEN to this type of music but I wanted to get away from the NES for a bit, even if that meant leaving it with a unique bang. Overall, I miss the NES soundchip and I can't wait to return with my usual Beard-flavor in the next big compo that supports it--at full power!

but yeah this song is meh
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post #24398 :: 2013.02.19 11:32am :: edit 2013.02.19 11:33am
  Doxic and Flaminglog liēkd this
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post #24399 :: 2013.02.19 11:35am
  Doxic and xterm liēkd this
beard you dong :(
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post #24400 :: 2013.02.19 11:36am :: edit 2013.02.19 11:38am
  Slimeball, Flaminglog, goluigi and Xyz liēkd this
10/10 a+ entry manfred linzner
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post #24410 :: 2013.02.19 1:16pm
  goluigi liēkd this
y'all should adjust your votes if you gave this a fair shake because it needs a shake down!
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post #24415 :: 2013.02.19 1:55pm
  Doxic, Ares64, skinnyhead2000, kfaraday, Xyz and Strobe liēkd this
Me and Strobe talked about this.

This is was a somewhat intentional, somewhat unintentional thing. I didn't mean to steal a song--perhaps make a Manfred styled song, but it came out sounding too much like his already-made song. I loved Ares64's instruments and always wanted to make a trance/techno song...commonly with DPCM to perhaps remind people of Hideki Naganuma's style. But, I commonly will subconsciously (especially when I'm trying to work in the same genre!) replicate a song's ideas or lead, and that's basically what happened here. It's really the lead arps that make it sound too similar--that's what happens when I reuse instruments. Luckily, as of late, I've been using strictly my own instruments in NSF ohbs.

Anyways, I apologize for this mistake, I should've took my NSF entry and my respect for BotB's rules more seriously.

Just of all things, please don't downvote my other entries--they don't deserve this. I worked really hard on them. Thank you.
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post #24416 :: 2013.02.19 1:59pm
  Doxic, Slimeball, xterm, skinnyhead2000 and kfaraday liēkd this
Could be the best apology i've heard this year. You have regained my belief in you! all n00bs!

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