Sep 10th 2018 10:36pm
(!) if you grabbed the game before and the title screen doesn't say sc.rev.2 on it, re-download it
fixed a dumb bug regarding time (well, I deliberately left it in a little, just reduced its effect)
really only matters if you've managed to survive for 3+ minutes, but hey
and I might or might not have used the opportunity to make a few tweaks (in particular, you get more starting time now, so it's easier to get going and not immediately die)

barring any more bugs of note, this should be the final revision
was considering doing more than just tweaks, but a: I didn't really know what to do, since the game's basically just complete, and 2: if I did go and add new major features, I'd end up with more bugs lol


play in-browser here

read the game source for story and details, it's all in a big set of comments near the top
The goal is to stay alive. There's demons and an exploding sun involved and it's all your fault somehow.
Shoot the demons down and make a big combo to get a high-score. It's fun.
You're all slippery and slide-y and you bounce off the screen edges and the lot.

***flashing lights warning -- it shouldn't be too ridiculous and I don't flash the entire screen, but I do flicker a LOT of individual items for transparency and warnings and effects, so here's a heads up if that's a concern***

d-pad/arrowkeys: move
a button/z key: fire
x button/a key: pause
y button/s key: shuffle song

The music could be better, but I couldn't really come up with anything else, so oh well. :P
I'm pretty sure you can keep playing indefinitely, but it's hard enough to remain a challenge the whole time.

I know I'm done ages early, but I'm actually, really done and got everything I really wanted in the game in (beyond better music). Most of the last day of work was just extra polish and the lot. There's a wishlist there in the code of stuff for if I ever did a sequel, but that's all beyond the scope of this game.
Hope you enjoy it.

whoops, forgot to add a score reset feature
hold buttons (X) and (Y) (keys [A] and [S] by default) for a few seconds on the title screen to clear the score list
no mechanics were changed, existing scores are still valid

[edit 2]
the above is a lie because of another bugfix, I changed the saveid to reflect this
existing scores are to be lost to the wind, including my previous 500+ one (did get 433 on this revision though)
make sure your copy says sc.rev.2 in the bottom left corner of the title screen
Creative Commons License

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post #103785 :: 2018.09.10 4:11pm
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damn this is hard
Level 15 Chipist
post #103786 :: 2018.09.10 4:55pm
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post #103787 :: 2018.09.10 5:08pm
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short gameplay video for anyone who wants a look before they try
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post #103789 :: 2018.09.10 10:39pm
bugfixes+tweaks -- re-download if you've downloaded already, see description for details
it's not too huge, but if you do intend to spend some time with the game, there was a dumb bug that I didn't notice because I hadn't ever survived that long

this is hopefully the last revision, because if I need another, I screwed up somewhere else and didn't notice, lol
Level 23 Taggist
post #103813 :: 2018.09.12 4:02pm
this is very nice but also very hard (or maybe i'm just a total n00b :D)
Level 27 Chipist
post #103848 :: 2018.09.14 8:10pm :: edit 2018.09.17 3:42pm
it is pretty hard
even if you're doing good, you're very unlikely to survive to 5 minutes, and the game enters an oscillation period of near-max to max difficulty by that point

and I did notice that the first 30 or so seconds are pretty easy to just die in (there aren't many enemies to shoot to regain lost time if you mess up earlier)

if I did an extended version later at some point, I'd probably rework a few things and add some features (like survival mode, and a best times list)
would work on it more, but one of the reasons I submitted it so early was that I didn't really expect to have time to work on it after because of IRL duties and shit (plus, it really was feature complete for what I'd intended to make for the compo)

whoops, I might have to fix a few more things
most notably, if you press up+down, you just float there without falling

as useful as this is, a: you can only do this if you can press up+down on your chosen input method, b: it's a lot less useful if you can't move because of your keyboard ghosting left/right while up+down are pressed, and c: it's definitely a mistake

so at some point before voting starts, I'll (hopefully) do a sc.rev.3 release of eyesoul
gonna hold off on updating it asap, partially because of aforementioned IRL shit and partially because if I do find something else, I don't wanna have to re-upload again again :P

[edit 2]
lol time extension
might do a more substantial upgrade, because I've got a fucking bunch of time

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