dusk on the seafront
  Jun 28th 2020 2:24pm

atari st, degas elite 1.1
worked on from june 26th to 28th

funny story i have to tell with this one. originally, this was going to be a gimp made thing using the nes color palette and resolution before i forgot to save my progress before my computer froze. i decided later on -- when i was coming up with my aym entry that'll be uploaded later -- that 'eh i can probably do it on the st. it'd be hell but hey at least it'd be hardcore af haha'

so yea, 3 days on this thing! honestly, i'm kinda glad with how it turned out. sure, there could be more detail on this -- the scenery is bare, save for the beach, and the dithering could be more extensive, there could be better use for the 16 colors i used and all that -- but i think i'm done with what i've started here.

will it win any medals? pffffff
did i have fun? yea, pretty much
is this dithercore? yes! a million times yes!!!

hope you enjoy it either way though :D
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