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detroit loves starbucks
  26th/32   Σ20.269   Jun 15th 2007 8:54pm
this compo started at the worst possible time. song done in 2 hours, after i got off a 8 hour shift at work, i drank 5 cans of redbull during the making of this song. i uploaded it in the parking lot of starbucks, cause my internet is out at my house. this song sucks, i hate starbucks... oh i think i will get a carmel mahiantoe-thingy-toe-keyo. well i probally wont vote on the rest of the songs.my battery is going to die too. sorry, laters.
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Level 12 Mixist
post #6419 :: 2007.06.16 7:33am
It sounds Redbull-frazzled, certainly. Was it a bad day at work? Sounds like you took it out on the track.
Level 16 Mixist
post #6420 :: 2007.06.16 11:06am
good job jason, ill get the internet soon! right now im using my grandma's internet for detroit 3 purposes but yeah ... oh wheres marmalade? and where's sack lunch?
Level 22 Samplist
post #6421 :: 2007.06.18 2:44pm
you accomplished what I like to hear... putting the emotion of the moment into a track!!
Level 22 Samplist
post #6422 :: 2007.06.18 2:46pm
oh yeah... there's only 3 (!!!!) Starbucks in the city of Detroit (population 850,000). They say it's just coincidence, not racism.
Level 6 Mixist
post #6423 :: 2007.06.19 9:33pm
this song reminds me of a giant back rub
Level 12 Mixist
post #6424 :: 2007.06.20 9:41am
vimster -if this comp came at a better time, i would of probably made a better song

bleedmaster - damn you samir

blank - in the town i live in and the town 7 miles away combined there are 4 starbucks, and these towns are nowhere near the population of detroit.

dj snksonaplane - will you give me a backrub
Level 14 Criticist
post #6425 :: 2007.06.20 12:45pm
Very cool song, Hasewn. Nice job.
Level 11 Mixist
post #6426 :: 2007.06.20 9:11pm
frumpy rumbler
Level 15 Chipist
post #6427 :: 2007.06.21 11:34am
Really nice tune, i especially like the intro. xD
Level 16 Mixist
post #6428 :: 2007.06.21 2:34pm
  tennisers liēkd this
so a guy walks into a bar and tells the bartender "let me get a bloody mary strait up!" and the bartender just looks at him for a minute ... and the guy gets confused "hey i said i wanted a bloody mary strait up! are you going to make it or what?" and then the bartender says "well hasewn do you want it?" boo boom tsssss!!!!!! yeah i got more where that came from mother fucker!! i'll be here all night bitches!!
Level 16 Mixist
post #6429 :: 2007.06.21 2:34pm
actually i got to go to work here in a little bit, i wont actually be here all night.
Level 16 Mixist
post #6430 :: 2007.06.21 2:35pm
i wasnt serious jason!!! i have to work and you cant stop me okay!!! get off my case!!!!!
Level 16 Mixist
post #6431 :: 2007.06.21 2:35pm

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