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mix battle art

51st Σ3.943

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26th Σ4.822

feedback in pants 
44th Σ4.082

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post #91073 :: 2017.10.07 10:59pm
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post #91077 :: 2017.10.08 12:18am
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Level 23 Chipist
post #91081 :: 2017.10.08 7:21am :: edit 2017.10.08 7:25am
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why cant i fav things twice

or a million times
Level 20 Pixelist
post #91096 :: 2017.10.08 12:59pm :: edit 2017.11.02 2:45pm
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[This noob ashamed of what written]
Level 11 Chipist
post #91128 :: 2017.10.09 9:22am :: edit 2017.10.09 9:24am
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i fukng lost it right now
good job, all 7s and all my ftms without paying for you
Level 14 Chipist
post #91245 :: 2017.10.13 9:16am
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I logged back in just to favorite this art piece. That's how good it is! I seriously hope this wins for art.
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post #91748 :: 2017.11.02 2:05pm
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You guys should stop it already, i think this is going too far. Borderline mobbing.
Level 17 Chipist
post #91749 :: 2017.11.02 2:07pm
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Sincx as admin You should rethink Your faving of this, You should be a good example, not supporting people in uploading borderline mobbing stuff.
Level 17 Chipist
post #91750 :: 2017.11.02 2:10pm
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And no this is not the same as Cheng memes since Cheng stole music and is an adult
Level 18 Chipist
post #91751 :: 2017.11.02 2:33pm
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the favorite list is a list of guys who aren't ready to be dads
Level 8 Chipist
post #91766 :: 2017.11.03 5:46am
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Level 20 Chipist
post #92137 :: 2017.11.14 3:14pm
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could someone give me a quick rundown
Level 14 Mixist
post #92148 :: 2017.11.14 8:50pm
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i would like a rundown too
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post #92149 :: 2017.11.14 9:08pm :: edit 2017.11.15 9:05am
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I'll be responsible here.

I drew this picture for fun, my intention wasn't to mob anyone. This was a reply to what happened when StinkerB06 doxed a chiptune artist on YouTube (it's resolved now). This was also my reply when Stinker still didn't learn his lesson after getting into such predicaments. It was an inside joke that went to far. I didn't realize that I took it to this level.

I'm sorry, Apsarah. I shouldn't have posted this, and I should've been a good example. I don't want to be a bully, but it's infuriating seeing someone not learn from their mistakes.

I'm also sorry if this "art" offended you all in some way. I hope that you forgive me. It won't happen again.
Level 12 Criticist
post #92202 :: 2017.11.17 11:33pm
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Seems there was some drama here, but I don't know anything about it... all that I care about is that guy looks smug and stoned lol
Level 17 Chipist
post #92297 :: 2017.11.19 5:04pm
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he probably won't learn that lesson because he doesn't seem to be able to mentally, if You know what i mean =o i know he's doing stupid stuff, but people engage in trolling him instead of banning him (on whatever platform), which acts like a free giveaway for any random people who just want to join the meme train and mock someone to feel better about themselves =P and this might end worse than planned or supposed to, which kind of set my inner alert off haha! i'm not mad at You for posting this, i just hope the whole thing doesn't end in popular facebook groups or the guy killing himself if he comes back 10 years later and sees this stuff being public (including my comment here xD)
i know someone who suffered from actual online (and irl) bullying and the worst part was that the person never said something about it until it became dangerous, so i'm slightly unusually sensible regarding that topic (me being the tactless tactical reichstroll and being scorned for my mere existence,,,,,,,,,,,)

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