Level 22 Chipist
AY-3-8910 / YM2149

cool breeze 
44th Σ5.135

face melt 
39th Σ5.032

hawt night 
84th Σ4.746

sweaty morning 
103rd Σ4.539

sun in pants 
21st Σ5.043

  49th/230   Σ24.496   Jul 23rd 2019 7:35am
sorry guysm this is q short trqck qbout globql zqr;ing/ i hope you4ll like it

no D:Q chip zqs hqr;ed in the ;qking of this trqckm i cqn4t tell qbout the Y: thoughm especiqlly becquse it zqs rendered on hqrdzqre

qlso i4; sorry qbout this stupid qwerty thingym ;qybe one dqy i4ll groz up
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Level 23 Chipist
post #114156 :: 2019.09.10 4:37pm :: edit 2019.09.10 4:39pm
  YQN liēkd this
that snare is too squishy for me, but you do what you can with these antiquated ass chips XD

Nicely done overall, love the noisy screaming lead bits at the end. Nice complexities happening on that later half.

...uuhhh, but not sure you should have that Mario homage at the end. Not sure what the rules say about that, but probably not a big deal since the rest of the composition is orig, and your usage is pretty clearly intended with the reference.
Level 22 Chipist
post #114167 :: 2019.09.11 4:49am
  th4 D34D liēkd this
thx for the criticism! I confess I like that snare so much I use it in all my aym tunes and never try to modify it, I probably should every now and then, to best fit the tune!

I guess the Mario game over reference goes against the rules when interpreted strictly, plus it's a Nintendo game which might be another con for a YM tune but I wanted the most recognizable game over melody so I went for that one anyway. I like it when a snippet of common culture appears in a tune :)
Level 23 Chipist
post #114170 :: 2019.09.11 4:45pm
Oh yeah, outside of the competition rules and all, I think the homage was great haha.

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