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  3rd/14   Σ27.917   Apr 3rd 2011 12:11am   tincan

:/ ran out of (personal) time. the mix is crap and the thing as a whole is about halfway finished...and some transitional textures between the sections didn't render at all (hence the big awkward silence in the middle).

haha, oh well, hopefully it's at least entertaining...
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Level 23 Mixist Mixist
United States a Mighty BotBr allgearnsfnsfpluspixelremixs3xmoditwildchip
post #15751 :: 2011.04.03 12:37am
hmm, there's a storage error w/ the Donload and the Listen doesn't work either (with anyone else's tunes either, is that just me?)

but Get MP3 seems to work...fuq
Level 18 Mixist Mixist
Canada a Mighty BotBr nsfbronzed s3xmodit
post #15769 :: 2011.04.03 7:11pm
entertaining, it certainly is.
Level 15 Chipist Chipist
United States
post #15788 :: 2011.04.07 12:05am
If you ran out of "personal time" it's probably because you did SO much in the song! I think it's awesome how much you put in to it and yes it's really entertaining! Is this the first song with lyrics on BotB?
Level 23 Mixist Mixist
United States a Mighty BotBr allgearnsfnsfpluspixelremixs3xmoditwildchip
post #15799 :: 2011.04.07 1:24pm
haha, well i'm glad a few of you got a kick out of it. :)

i ended up having like over 30 tracks to mix properly by the time i had to put it down and go to work 12 hr shifts for the following three days. i didn't even get around to putting high pass on anything.
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unknown a Mighty BotBran Ascended BotBrADMINSYSOP argentor allgearmariopaintargentor nsfnsfpluspixelbronzed remixs3xmodit
post #15811 :: 2011.04.08 10:31am
  liek  Jangler liēkd this
yes, love this track, specifically the jerk punk part - really wish that would drop again really quick at the end ;D

Anti-Cheat, there are a few singy tracks on BotB somewhere. I know one of the Winter Chips has one from me and another from J. Arthur
Level 27 Mixist Mixist
Venezuela a Mighty BotBran Ascended BotBrADMIN bronzed allgearGOLDEN NSFnsfplusbronzed pixelremixs3xmoditwildchip
post #15827 :: 2011.04.10 8:41am :: edit 2011.04.10 8:44am
where the FOOOOK have you been!??? botb needs moar of theese. Nice nice nice :D all 7

@As knoxie said, there is a couple of tracks around (specially in ohcs), but i think is the firstone that have special lyrics for a BIG COMPO, since is the first "extarnal samples allowed" compo, i think so, but maybe im wrong and propably some Wild Card in a big compo have already lyrics (dont actually remember! XDDD)
Level 12 Mixist Mixist
post #15836 :: 2011.04.10 10:14pm
j. arthur keenes has one with lyrics

dude i like this good ideas here
would like to hear moar
Level 25 Chipist Chipist
United States a Mighty BotBrADMIN allgearasciidoomnsfnsfplusbronzed pixelargentor s3xmoditzxbeep
post #50081 :: 2014.12.02 2:24pm
  liek  winterygyms and mootbooxle liēkd this
bump. it's so perfect
Level 24 Chipist Chipist
United Kingdom a Mighty BotBr mariopaintnsfnsfplusremixs3xmoditzxbeep
post #50082 :: 2014.12.02 2:45pm
  liek  winterygyms and mootbooxle liēkd this
I favourited within like 10 seconds

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