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cessor blues.mp3
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post #88474 :: 2017.07.25 8:00pm
alright lyrics time bc I cant even understand myself half the time on the recording lmao


hey im speaking for the cessor
and im under the influence to get better at
music thats how i view it and ill keep on trying to do it
to improve man, thats what im goin for
so if you think ur not good enough ill tell you, you know
cause this influence will help you and it will show
its the influence, man, its pretty good

the way, if you may, to write better tunes with ease
i aint trying to scam ya, use this as you please
but itll probably work, and i can really say that
cause im under the influence and it can be better than that
so if you want to improve, i got the tool for you
its called the influence and it aint too new

im out, bye

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