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you have been banished by the omnipotent baron to the dungeons of botb, filled with bugs, zombis, mummis and other hostile creatures, you may not leave the endless dungeon unless you become the grand wizard (i.e. get to level 33)

use the WASD layout (or equivalent for your keyboard layout) to move your character, and use the mouse to move your weapon, click to fire. take note that you can hold down the left mouse key to auto-fire your weapon. this game is best played using a mouse and keyboard. feel free to resize your screen (with ctrl+scrollwheel or ctrl+plus and ctrl+minus) if it's a bit too small.

every level in the dungeon is procedurally generated. you can progress to the next level once you have defeated all enemies on your current level, at this point a button will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to go down to the next level of the dungeon.

more enemies spawn as you continue down into each proceeding level, including a greater variety of enemies:

level 0: bugs and rats
level 1: pumpkings and bats
level 2: zombis
level 3: mummis and ghosts

(this includes 3 "unique" enemy AI)

currently there are 3 different classes you can choose from: hostist, grafxicist and chipist though in the current version of this game these classes are purely cosmetic and don't offer unique abilities/weapons. however, make sure to choose one at the beginning of the game, as the initial n00b class doesn't have any weapon!

the game actually uses a xp and level system which is similar to the botb level system, however I added an extra bonus per level so that you can progress through the game pretty quickly (it only takes about 3-4 levels in my testing). if you try and get to level 35 somehow the game will crash (I left that in because I thought it was funny)

read the bugs.txt file for minor game bugs to look out for while playing

github repo: https://github.com/argarak/botbgamejam4
Creative Commons License

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Level 26 Mixist
post #122587 :: 2020.06.14 4:32pm
  argarak liēkd this
very good ambience!
Level 15 Codist
post #122603 :: 2020.06.14 9:36pm
  argarak liēkd this
i really like d the per tile lighting and i won! !
Level 23 Mixist
post #122673 :: 2020.06.15 10:05am
  argarak liēkd this
Very impressive, especially since it's created in vanilla JS instead of an engine. The background music and lighting give off very ambient moods.

One of the pumpkin guys got stuck inside a wall and I was unable to pass the level. Doesn't gaining xp have any effect on my damage/range? (maybe I didn't level up enough to notice any change)

Gohufont FTW
Level 24 Chipist
post #122676 :: 2020.06.15 10:35am
yeah, I actually wrote that in bugs.txt where the knockback could put enemies into the void but that's something I didn't fix in time for the end of the compo, there were quite a few things to do on the last day to make it more into a "game".

I was planning to add skill points into the game as a way to upgrade as you go along, getting about 1 or 2 per level but I didn't really have time to balance the game as I didn't want the player character or the enemies to be over powered. atm leveling up is purely just to get to lvl33 to "finish the game" and it doesn't do much else than that

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