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  Feb 7th 2019 4:24pm
made a bit of a chilled out type thing for my 8k entry

originally made in milkytracker as an .XM but I converted it in OpenMPT and munched using munch.py, thanks kleeder for reminding me this time!

it's about 7953 bytes, so not pushing the absolute limit, but I ran out of ideas of what to put in so this will do

render: https://instaud.io/3hMi
Creative Commons License

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Level 17 Mixist
post #107507 :: 2019.02.13 1:11pm
  argarak liēkd this
i think it would've been nice if there was a little bit of buzz to the chipped sample, to add some texture.
Level 9 Chipist
post #107573 :: 2019.02.14 10:35am
not a bad idea, I might try mixing some of my waveforms with a tiny bit of noise using milkytracker's ext. paste mix feature though I might have to make the samples a bit longer as I usually have 50 sample length for melodic stuff and 500 length for drums (usually hand-drawn or generated), I find noise gets a little harsh when it is generated in a very small sample region :p

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