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Ye Olde Investigator
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It's the Year 20XX - Scenarios of medieval setting and its historical period remaining are but a fantasy, being represented in the shape of festivals and events fit to the occassion.

It is only normal that you are to stick out as a sore thumb, your badge in hand, dressed in a suit to display your position, but there's no time to worry about that right now.

Murder calls, or called rather. Reports flooded the office that there was a mysterious appearance of a body. Stabbed twelve times, most of the calls were collectively stating a "thief" robbing a maiden from her most precious, the pounding heart.
Cryptic as the calls were, it all makes sense with this setting. One would think it's a huge jest, but the body in front of you states otherwise.

Your objective is to identify suspects, inquire about possible witnesses and to collect leads. To make matters worse, it seems like people refuse to leave their roles even for just a moment, so you will have to adapt to fit their style.

Soon you will have made your name, given you solve this mystery, ye olde investigator.
Have a collaborative project using VRC7! I started with tinkering on a frame using the lead heard in the track. What came after were screen-sharing sessions and tinkering with Robyn joining the party.
It was a lot of fun working together and I am looking forward to doing something like that again in the future!
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