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  3rd/14   Σ27.176   Jun 30th 2017 9:28pm
lol I'm at Disney on vacation so I rushed the hell out of this
It's an ASCII "rail-shooter" on a simulated terminal.
Arrow keys move, Q, A, or Z to shoot.

I got enough implemented to actually make a game, at least. Was going to have enemy patterns and enemies that shot back, but I'm not going to be able to work on this anymore at all until after the submission period ends.
View readme.html for details, open game.html to play. Should work out-of-the-box on a current version of Firefox or Chrome (preferably Chrome)

hopefully it doesn't run too badly on your machine, this code just seems hideously slow even though the game runs full-speed just fine for me

Music, sound, graphics, and code all by me, null1024.
Mightn't be free of bugs, but oh well.

fixed a really stupid bug that I introduced fairly last minute where the arrow keys scrolled the screen if you held them down, whoops
Creative Commons License

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post #87018 :: 2017.07.01 4:01am
  Lia and null1024 liēkd this
this is unexpectedly addictive!! i love the music too
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post #87139 :: 2017.07.02 1:28pm :: edit 2017.07.02 1:32pm
i love how you made it to look 3d, pretty wild! and a very fun game too =' D

edit: also someone beat my score of 73284
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post #87207 :: 2017.07.03 9:23am
good game! i was really confused at first but it was fun once i got the hang of it. it ran fine on my computer and the music and sound were effective. maybe the destruction sound was a bit grating? i'd expect the "you fucked up" sound to be more of a klaxon than the "you destroyed the thing" sound. games like this make me super twitchy tho, so i will probably never ever touch it again.

i also didn't even realize it was supposed to be 3D until halfway through writing this comment. i thought the text graphics were interesting but not evocative of anything in particular.

my high score was 81497! beat that!
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post #87219 :: 2017.07.03 11:50am :: edit 2017.07.06 11:12pm
  Xyz, Jangler, Sinc-X and ViLXDRYAD liēkd this
Heh, thanks!

I didn't have any time to actually balance the sounds.
The "enemy disappeared" sound was actually going to be the enemy shooting sound. Probably could have made the destruction sound a bit quieter, but it was always supposed to sound like a hammer hitting an anvil or something.
it's also a pretty important sound since it lets you confirm kills, you can still plink enemies that have gone off-screen

I'm actually amazed that it's kind of fun, it ended up going from "pile of code to put text on screen" to "working, playable game" within an hour.
I wanted to add a star-field and obstacles to enhance the "3D" feeling, but alas.

My biggest regret with the game is that the enemy sprite is so awful.
I had nicer ones made, but that was the one that was in game already. Heck, I'd probably have turned that enemy sprite into an explosion if I had more time to work on this.

also, my official developer high score is 134454 139524 if anyone wants to give it a go :D

currently known bug: if a shot and an enemy change zoom distance at the same time, neither will collide and you will miss -- eg, shot going from 2->3 and then an enemy going from 3->2 and they're never at the same depth because both changed that frame
It's a bit rare, but not rare enough and you'll probably die from it at some point.
The code should probably have used the sub-depth as well when determining collision, but it's ridiculous how short a period of time where the game went from "I wrote collision and maybe it works" to "oh shit I'm uploading".

Might release a post-compo version with a few little changes+tweaks (at least, I'll put in a fix for collisions)

at some point after the compo ends, I'll post WILD-BREAKER.ex, an upgraded version of the game with color, a starfield, better difficulty balance, fixed collsions, and a handful of other little things (pausing, multiple high scores, etc)
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post #87946 :: 2017.07.14 9:46pm :: edit 2019.11.20 8:58pm
  Sinc-X liēkd this
wild-breaker.ex is still happening, it's just plagued with feature creep
but it has everything I listed except fixed collisions (which is the whole point) because I kind of need to just rewrite depth handling completely
don't worry lol

one of these centuries I'll actually finish this
it's really, actually almost done

[edit 2]
no seriously really really I actually really should just finish WILD-BREAKER.ex, it's basically done except for a few things I said I'd put in and haven't

[edit 3]
it's been two years

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