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Vanilla Nine
  20th/292   Σ28.612   Jan 20th 2015 9:59am
Sooooo, I made a tune...again...this time for this compo and I would be happy if you listen to it and rate according to your liking.

Description: (Let's improvise)

Vanilla Nine is the 9th planet in a system far far away which air smells like vanilla. The inhabitants of Vanilla Nine are in a century long war with their neighbours from Cinnamon 8 and Cream 6. (Cocoa 7 is mostly neutral.)

They fight about their sun which all see as god. It was given the name "Big Baker". Every Nation wants to be in the best orbit around Big Baker but none of them want to share the space because particles of their smell might penetrate each others atmosphere.

Cream 6 and Cinnamon 8 just combined their forces and launched an attack with highly toxic baking powder towards Vanilla Nine. It was spread all over the eastern coast of Vanilla Nine. Inhabitants fled in their bunkers to avoid being powdered but many lost their lives.

This is the theme about a small group of heroes starting a counter attack against their aggressors. You can hear them sing their hymn with their distinctive voices that sounds like japanese school girls.

Will they survive? Will they finally end this war?

To be continued...(not really)

Made with Reason 5 and mastered in Adobe Audition.

Cheers <3
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Level 30 Chipist
post #52032 :: 2015.01.20 10:00am
  Modus Ponens, goluigi, Savestate, Yibbon, raphaelgoulart and Xaser liēkd this
what role does Reason 5 play in this war
Level 20 Pixelist
post #52033 :: 2015.01.20 10:10am
  Slimeball liēkd this
Pretty sweet baking mix rite here!
Level 20 Mixist
post #52034 :: 2015.01.20 10:14am
  goluigi, raphaelgoulart, kfaraday and PolarBirds liēkd this
They didn't reach the technology level for extraterrestrial travel yet. Usually they just watch and play cards.
Level 14 Chipist
post #53089 :: 2015.02.08 2:30pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Great. Somehow I missed this one.
Level 8 Criticist
post #53187 :: 2015.02.10 3:14am
  Modus Ponens liēkd this
adorable vinyl scratches : >
Level 13 Chipist
post #53189 :: 2015.02.10 3:30am
  criticistghost liēkd this
Best Story
Level 10 Chipist
post #53641 :: 2015.02.16 3:49am
Best in compo! Voted!
Level 25 Mixist
post #70211 :: 2016.07.21 7:47pm
  Modus Ponens liēkd this
Welcome to the "songs Xaser has been looping for over an hour" club, number nine.

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