Trying to Fit an Elephant Through a Standard Household Door
  Jan 11th 2017 7:52pm
how 2 maek tia sond gud?? x_x

No but really, the tuning is too gross for me to make something good from it, sorry :(

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post #76627 :: 2017.01.11 9:17pm
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the trick is to embrace the detune
Level 11 Mixist
post #76634 :: 2017.01.12 4:03am
  funute liēkd this
LoL very fitting title to your description XD

Actually b00daw kind of hit the nail on the head. If you have one of your instruments detuned correctly, you can open up a whole section of the scale that isn't available on your other instruments. It's kind of limited since you can only have 7 melodic instruments per module, but it can be done haha.

Cool sounds with the faux sidechaining going on. With some tweaking you could probably make a cool house track, which would require less melodic variation than what you were attempting. Anyway, good work!
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post #76665 :: 2017.01.12 6:21pm
Feeling titlecore lately for some reason...

And yeah, judging from some other TIA tracks/demos it feels like the key is to not try to be leady, or have less focus on long melodic phrases (shorter notes? arps?) so that the detune is less noticeable.

That said, not giving up on TIA completely just yet ;) Thanks for your input!

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