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This tune is an experiment in what I call "Renoise Minimalism"


On this tune the speed settings are "1" with only "32" BPM's! I created, and used, only the five basic wave-curves - noise, sinus, triangle, pulse and saw.

All of them - including the noise-wave - are 0.020 seconds long.

I used the noise and saw sample once, the pulse and sinus sample twice.

One unlooped sinus sample as the "Bassdrum"" and the Noise sample as the "snare". The rest are looped and used as lead, bass and appreggio instrumentation.


The methods I used in this tune are fairly unorthodox. The really special treat with this tune is that I use the apreggio to "play notes", I sometimes skip a note or two and instead replace it with an apreggio value...

Also, With clever use of the volume and panning envelopes, I have been able to create some very nice effects, as well as reducing the ammount of "necessary" Renoise DSP's :)

I also use the Chorus DSP as an echo which gives a very nice effect. There are quite a few (not too many though) DSP's used, but they are being turned on and off as they are needed and are sometimes "replaced" with instrument envelopes and good old fashion oldschool volume and panning values... ;)

All in all;

It is not a very remarkable tune, either in musical talent or musically technical. But it is fairly remarkable when you dig deep and look at the unusual approaches to module creation in Renoise.

I hope you like it!

Andreas Rohdin (MrGamer)
- Proud Chimeran!

Co-founder and Musician of Chimera Music

PS. If you want to take a peek under the hood, just ask me via E-Mail and I will send you the *.XRNS (Renoise 1.91)!
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Level 13 Chipist
post #8449 :: 2008.03.03 6:09pm
  MrGamer liēkd this
Nice underwater track, solid mixing.
Level 17 Chipist
post #8450 :: 2008.03.04 1:14am
  MrGamer liēkd this
yes i think i'm dreaming.
Level 14 Criticist
post #8451 :: 2008.03.06 9:19am
  MrGamer liēkd this
ambient and very nice
Level 27 Renderist
post #8452 :: 2008.03.06 4:00pm
  MrGamer liēkd this
Torn on this one. Aside from sine, any chip could easily reproduce this sound. It's a good tribute and very respectful -- as I respect you.

Unfortunately, many musicians that enter the wildcard field are looking for "wankery."

Wankery (n): Pushing the format to the limits.
Level 16 Chipist
post #8453 :: 2008.03.07 4:21pm
Thank you all for the very nice comments, I REALLY appreciate it! Nice comments and constructive critisim really makes my day! (or in this case, night!)

@ b00daw = I wasn't really aware of that, but I assure you, I have used fairly basic (althoug UNUSUAL) methods for this tune.

The "wankery" part would be me using the Chorus as a "fake" echo... Among some other things ;)

Thanks for pointing this out to me and for other people!

Cheers everyone!
Level 16 Chipist
post #8454 :: 2008.03.07 4:22pm
Oh yeah... The appreggio part too! ;)
Level 19 Samplist
post #8455 :: 2008.03.10 3:15pm :: edit 2008.03.10 3:16pm
all in all,,, it's solid
Level 16 Chipist
post #8456 :: 2008.03.18 6:43pm
Seems like I am about to enter more comments than all the others, but what-the-hey!

I repeat what is said above, if anyone wish to look at the module construction, just give me a mail and I will send you the XRNS... Note that you need Renoise 1.9.1...
Level 23 Renderist
post #8457 :: 2008.03.19 12:58pm
  MrGamer liēkd this
Hey, unorthodox is wank, too. Nice track.
Level 30 Mixist
post #8458 :: 2008.03.19 8:25pm
  MrGamer liēkd this
Level 16 Chipist
post #8459 :: 2008.03.19 10:52pm
@ amewuser = I started suspecting that too ;) But hey, you know the saying "only dead fish go with the flow"? xD

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