The Wrath of the Winter Wizard
  Dec 31st 2017 1:33pm
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The Icewinds of Windhelm 0:00
In the northern most point of the civilized lands lies the town of Windhelm. Every winter, biting winds come soaring through, bringing disease and famine to peasant and noble alike.

A Meditation on the Heroes' Journey 1:09
And every winter, a few brave heroes journey to the home of the old Winter Wizard to seek cures for the sick. His home lies in the forest south of Windhelm, half a day's journey out. The wizard is great and powerful, and the only payment he asks for is to leave him and his forest otherwise undisturbed. He tells the heroes, "I am the forest, and the animals are my children."

A Premonition of the End 1:46
In his meditation, the wizard divines a vision of the future; it is a dark and twisted feeling, a feeling of great sorrow, and one of certain doom.

Rest Eternal for the Heroes of Windhelm 03:21
The heroes meet their fate a few hours from the town gates, stricken down by an avalanche while crossing a mountain pass.

The Ire of a Suffering People 03:36
Without their heroes, the townspeople are hopeless. Weeks pass, and many have died from hunger and illness. Soon their sorrow turns to anger and resentment for the winter wizard, who they believe has abandoned them. Some even claim that the wizard himself is the cause of their woes, summoning unnatural winters to subjugate the villagers. As people grow desperate, more and more start to believe this as well, until the entire town is consumed in a vengeful fury.

His Woods Were Set Ablaze 05:07
Windhelm is now unified with one voice, driven by one purpose. A mob leaves the town gates with torches in hand, chanting "This winter, we shall burn the wicked winter wizard's forest!" They reach the forest and spill barrels of oil around the perimeter. They light the oil with their torches, and fire quickly spreads from tree to tree as the people shout like feral beasts.

Suddenly, a great roar is heard emanating from the center of the forest. The booming voice echoes for miles on end as it thus bellows, "Flee now, my children, for our home is no more!" And all the woodland creatures run from their woods to find new shelter. From the fire, the people see a figure emerge. It is but a silhouette, yet they are stricken with fear. Now they must bear witness to........

The Wrath of the Winter Wizard 06:05
The townspeople overcome their fear and charge the wizard, but he summons a great wall of ice to block their approach, along with great gusts of wind and devastating hail storms. The ice wall crumbles and crushes a wave of attackers. More men charge the wizard, who has yet to move an inch or lift his head from his tome, and stalagmites of solid ice rise up to impale them. Finally some villagers move into range, and the wizard drops his tome and draws a shimmering falchion. They engage the wizard, but their swords and axes shatter as they clash against the wizard's mystic blade. One by one, the wizard strikes them down. Any souls unfortunate enough to lock eyes with the wizard are literally frozen solid by his piercing gaze.

Soon the villagers realize this is not a battle they can win. They start to retreat, but by this point the wizard's righteous fury has turned to bitter hatred. He pulls out a bow and fires it straight up into the sky. A volley of ice falls to the earth, slaying the remainder of the routed mob. In the wake of his rage, he has little time to be relieved. With an army of bodies before him, and his forest burning behind him, the wizard knows that all is lost.

The Kingdom of Solitude 08:52
The forest has burnt to ash. The wizard knows his old life is no more. Soon, the king's men will come to execute him for his crimes. And so, the wizard would ensure that he could oversee the desolate remains of his forest for all of eternity. He crafts a wicked phylactery and transforms himself into an immortal king of the undead -- a lich. The bodies of his attackers would become his new subjects, and any who would dare to enter the forest of the wicked winter wizard would meet the same fate. All who enter this forest shall bear witness to.........

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I love it.
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post #94121 :: 2018.01.07 1:46pm
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wow this was quite amazing
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post #94393 :: 2018.01.13 8:00am
Great work. The flourish reminds me a lot of the score for Solstice.

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