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The Tin Can Microbial Band
  108th/256   Σ25.028   Feb 13th 2016 8:47pm
UPDATE: It's actually very funny to listen to Audio Overload's incorrect interpretation of this VGM!!

SMS test ROM now available:

This song was code named "Fetus March" during development. (lol)

I made this tune shortly after being inspired musically and theoretically, mostly from transcribing and studying an SMS tune (Aleste 2 - Bionic City).

It's been some time since I have participated in BotB, but I randomly visited last week and noticed that Winter XI had appeared! And OMG, I only had about 5 days to do a piece! Winter X was the second BotB compo I ever entered, so this competition is special to me, like a tradition.

So, I figured why not craft an SMS tune. Bionic City had provided plenty of insight to properly shape the 4 voices, in design and in harmony. Between the inspiration, pure luck, and experimentation - I wound up with this!

Well, when I play this tune, in my imagination I enter some kind of world, like a cartoon world, like the "AHHH!! Real Monsters!!!" kind of world - and I see these cartoons jamming out in their happy jazz band! My friend Carl saw something too, because he came up with the title of the song (I wanted to add "feat. hard boiled eggs", an inside joke between us friends, but decided not to)... Anyways, these little cartoony microbials are jamming out in their 3-piece (4-piece) jazz band!! maybe you can see them too!

If you see anything in your imagination while listening, please comment! :D

I had a great time previewing this to my School of Rock co-worker friend Carl who also helped shape the final pieces.


P.S. I also deal with "perfection" issues - I find it hard to submit even now, knowing there are certain qualities I find unsatisfying to the piece. But, time is ticking, and I've got to let go... :D here's to a lesson learned in moving on!! *submit*

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Level 27 Renderist
post #63218 :: 2016.02.13 9:38pm :: edit 2016.02.13 9:38pm
  Sinc-X liēkd this
you could export/submit as SGC instead and use nezplug? :O
Level 13 Chipist
post #63234 :: 2016.02.14 9:53am
  b00daw liēkd this
To whomever uploaded the mp3 render,

Level 29 Chipist
post #63608 :: 2016.02.18 12:50pm
  sethdonut and bazz liēkd this
This is quite nice :)
Level 20 Criticist
post #64563 :: 2016.03.04 8:55pm :: edit 2016.03.04 8:57pm
Fantastic channel management. Love the constant echo on the lead.

You could use vgmtag in vgmtools to fix the fields of outputted .vgms

Ya know, for presentation ;)

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