The Secret Lair
  Jan 6th 2019 8:17pm
Made using Jangler's s3mml tool, which converts adlib .s3m files into pmd-compatible .mml files. It's funny, because this song is heavily inspired by his entry using the tool, shine barrier, which you can hear in the song, I even borrowed some of the instruments from the song as well, because fm is hard.


So apparently FMPMD2000's PSG volume emulation levels are inaccurate and hoot's is more accurate, but I honestly don't want to go through the trouble and alter the volume levels for that. If anyone else wants to do it though, feel free but for now, just use FMPMD2000.
EDIT: I was wrong... Apparently it's the ym2203's psg volume emulation that's wrong. YM2608 is fine, According to MovieMovies1. Whoops.
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Level 16 Chipist
post #106548 :: 2019.01.06 8:30pm
  Galgox liēkd this
I didn't even listen to the song 5 times and I self-faved. Strange.
Level 25 Chipist
post #106549 :: 2019.01.06 9:01pm
  Yung Gotenks liēkd this
Smooth groove, m'dude! B-)
Level 25 Taggist
post #106557 :: 2019.01.07 4:09am
  Yung Gotenks liēkd this
very cool groove indeed, love the bass

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