The Neo-Yukarilien Arrives from the Future!! (ch1+2+3)
  Oct 3rd 2018 6:16pm
this is a wip, i will be adding onto it


it is 495 years after chen yakumo built the space rocket into EIENTEI and defeated the lunatic drug psychiatrist, she is home sleeping right now. little does she know an ALIEN is awakening...

0:00-0:26: yukari yakumo (chen's granssexual ma) has been sleeping for -4000 years (that's 10000 years, but 14000 years in the future), where she has been holidaying. sadly, time has been speeding up and it is now so fast that it is intersecting with her dimension!!

0:27-0:30 yukari's "EVIL MOTIF" (two tritones)

0:30-0:56 yukari is awake now and she is very upset and also groggy, so she is causing LOTS of chaos in the normal people's world at random, which is not very good...

0:59-1:04 another EVIL motif, associated with the "microtones" 22, 26, 24 and 25. pay attention to this one later

CHAPTER 2: THE HEROINE FROM LAST TIME, CHEN YAKUMO is also sleeping (this time in a dog house)

1:12-1:26 a towns person, LINDA from "hippa linda" has come to find chen, because her grandmother is going crazy. the "CHEN" motif from the song "chen goes to eientei" is here. she is calling it out because she dunno where she is... she is asking for help as well, and that the world is in trouble...

1:26-1:40 chen (the groggy 50% square) awakes, very groggily, with an "evil tritone" in the background, as yukari is tearing things up in the background. linda (the perky 12.5% square) is appealing to her to help fight the bad guy... "come on... aren't you the GREAT HERO?" she says a lot, while telling her of the mess yukari is making. "come on...!"

1:40-1:51 "awh.. this again?? i already fought too hard last time. (the TREIPDATION MOTIF from 'chen goes to eientei' can be heard briefly here, as her and linda get into a nagging argument). isn't reimu free?" "reimu has a paywall!!!" "alice...?" "i'm not going near THAT freak!!!" ... linda eventually yanks her out of the dog house with three GREAT tugs, as they see what is going on...

1:52++ the world has gotten very strange due to yukari tearing up the place. there are a lot of microtones and pitch bends... what to heck is going to happen??? i dunno yet. i'll let you know though...


i'll update this later, since max needs time to read!!!


this is a SERIAL(ist) manga, so i am going to be updating it throughout the contest. maybe weekly. make sure to check back!!!
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there might be seven chapters. in any case, this isnt finished yet!
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keffie gets it
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that's a lot of text for such short sections. i tried to read along while i listened but the piece was over before i could finish @_@

lmao @ " i'll update this later, since max needs time to read!!! "
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You might be insane, and I think I might like it.

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