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pants of hell 
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The Mountain Fortress
  3rd/13   Σ27.139   Oct 29th 2016 9:06am
A level inspired somewhat by the PSX conversions, this is a rather simple, perhaps easy level that shouldn't be too stressing but should keep you on your toes.

This level takes place in a hidden brick fortress, deep in the mountains! Will you venture inside and clean it out?
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Level 23 Chipist
post #73821 :: 2016.11.07 10:18pm
100%/90%/100% in 8:22 on UV.

Wow, the amount of visual detail is just amazing. Will agree that it's a bit on the easy side but still a fair bit challenging. Looks great, plays great.

Wish there was more :P
Level 9 Mappist
post #73836 :: 2016.11.08 7:57am :: edit 2016.11.08 8:10am
Thanks so much! I actually got my dad to test it (getting other people to test it is a surprisingly good way to get ideas for tweaking stuff) but, even though he's completed Doom, Doom II and Final Doom in the past, he couldn't make the small "run-jump" over the acid pit to the metal stairs on his first go, so the rest of the level is built to cater more to his skills.
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! :3

I personally think I wasted an opportunity with the one Caco in the level but I thought it looked neat there on top of the steps so didn't change it. =P

EDIT: Oops, looks like there are some bugs I missed out on cleaning up.
Once you cross the Red Key bridge in the cave, the bridge sinks into the lava. At this point, if you fall into the lava and use the teleporter to get back up, you'll find a Teleporter pad has opened up in the wall, which is supposed to teleport you over to the side with the key. But, uh... it doesn't actually work.
Also, once you get outside the fortress, the steps leading out are actually too high to get back up and inside. However, this shouldn't be a massive deal as there's usually nothing else inside once the player gets this far.
Level 18 Criticist
post #74346 :: 2016.11.27 12:24am
Why am I so bad at jumping
Level 9 Mappist
post #74349 :: 2016.11.27 1:55am
You're, uh, not supposed to jump in this level... =|
Level 18 Criticist
post #74350 :: 2016.11.27 2:40am
doom jump aka run-jump
Level 9 Mappist
post #74432 :: 2016.11.28 11:24am
Oh, right. Sorry. Heh. =P

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