The Miroballi Curse
  Jul 4th 2020 5:26pm
(Hope im explaining what i should here)
Noise drums, triangle lead and toms, 12.5% square bass, 50% square arp chords. Intro with triangle, 25% and 75% square
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Level 12 Criticist
post #124800 :: 2020.08.06 12:58pm
  The Vice Bots liēkd this
Really unconventional, and I love that! What format/tools did you use to make it?
Level 8 Mixist
post #124912 :: 2020.08.08 3:21am
I use milkytracker, and used the program itself to make the square and duty cycles, triangle, and noise samples. I try to emulate the nes, using only 1 channel triangle without volume modulation, 2 square, one noise (and i like chords, hence the arp fests in a lot of my songs). I made the noise drums through trial and error, and it could probably be a little more authentic nes sound if i just downloaded noise samples but for me theyre close enough not to motivate me to go searchin, lol! I have 6 or 7 other trackers downloaded, but milkytracker is the only one i could find (and i may be wrong, would like to know about others if i am) where i could change the length from pattern to pattern, and without that i felt very boxed in. Where i feel its appropiate I like to be able to change timing between sections, or chop a pattern and lead to another movement with an extended transition. Im glad you liked it 😊, if you had any other specific questions let me know, ok?

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