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Commpare and Dispair 
70th Σ3.570

73rd Σ3.566

Adorbs Odor 
71st Σ3.514

Tramiel Commando 
70th Σ3.664

POKE in Pants 
73rd Σ3.135

The MOD format is so annoying to deal with
  72nd/75   Σ17.450   Nov 13th 2016 12:08pm
For some reason, MilkyTracker likes to be a big baby on saving .MOD files when it comes to creating songs in MilkyTracker. Hope you all enjoy it anyway.
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post #73971 :: 2016.11.13 1:56pm
Ah, the old milkytracker save bug. Go back a version x.x.85 or something.
Level 27 Chipist
post #73972 :: 2016.11.13 3:01pm :: edit 2016.11.13 4:18pm
MilkyTracker version 0.85 is what I used to make this song. when I said MilkyTracker was being a big baby on saving MOD files, it always complains about some invalid pattern data every time i click the save button.
Level 15 Chipist
post #73974 :: 2016.11.13 3:48pm
I was attempting to edit my previous comment but it didn't go through. Anyways, this is what I was going to edit in. From what I've seen, some of your notes are above/below the C-3 and B-5 restriction. You'll have to sift through the drum section as I've seen quite a lot of C-6 notes in there. Once Milkytracker doesn't give you a prompt, then your .mod file will officially be a .mod file.
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post #74776 :: 2016.12.06 4:54pm
there are versions of the development build which fixes this problem linked in the main thread.

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