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The Lights Belong to Us (Neon Zenith remix)
  111th/251   Σ22.312   Apr 11th 2016 7:54am
I almost went to bed and forgot to upload this. So I guess I'm entering this as Renoise... that's what I get for entering at the last minute lmao also the mastering is kinda bad and the mixing could probably be better...

A somewhat slower, not-quite-as-synthwave-as-I'd-imagined version of The Lights Belong to Us by stepfilter/midimachine. I had to remix this track so that I could live up to my name. Neon Zenith. Cool, right?

Seen as the original was a Detroit X entry, I decided to only use the Detroit X sample pack. I had to delete the original samples to reduce the filesize and I didn't write down which ones I used orz but you should be able to recognise at least some of the samples.

I think it sounds pretty good for what it is even though I'll probably end up making the lead part more intricate (vibrato/glides/etc) and fix the mix/master later on. I hope you like it at least as much as I do.
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This song is a cover of :: stepfilter - The Lights Belong to Us

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This deserves some frickin' love.

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