Level 31 Chipist
8k tracker module

3rd Σ4.757

Silverado Points 
1st Σ5.430

Stomp "Orange" 
2nd Σ4.658

Too Two for Tuesday 
3rd Σ4.444

Pantsplosion Spings 
1st Σ5.080

The Keyframes
  1st/19   Σ24.369   Apr 14th 2012 3:11pm
Using 1 pattern that is 14 lines in length for the song.
Keyframepatterns are 1 line in length, they determine
how to play the 14 length pattern.

It was initially made as an experiment!
Size: 3896 bytes.

Play with MilkyTracker.

Creative Commons License

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Level 31 Chipist
post #18753 :: 2012.04.14 3:13pm
Woops. the main playing pattern is 15 in length, not 14 as initially stated.
Level 22 Mixist
post #18754 :: 2012.04.14 10:06pm :: edit 2012.04.14 10:08pm
I did something conceptually similar to this for my 2489-byte 8k .it for Winter Chip 6, except I had an extra level of indirection (4 patterns to select a row, then some number of 4-row patterns to do control stuff to), although I think it was at least partly to deal with Modplug's inability to handle patterns smaller than 4 rows rather than to compress the utter crap out of it.

Nice work by the way. I wonder if I can .it-ify and munch this >:D

EDIT: Although neither this nor that beats what chunter did for his WC6 entry... that one went through the orderlist more than once for the song :)
Level 27 Chipist
post #18755 :: 2012.04.15 8:53am
Goddamn, that's impressive. I have to resist taking this idea.
Level 10 Taggist
post #18758 :: 2012.04.15 4:53pm
Awesome tune <3
Level 16 OHCist
post #18771 :: 2012.04.18 6:20pm
I can't wait to analyze these patterns. Or maybe I won't just to keep it fun for me.

Also, this song has been in my head for about two days, which is the first for one of Strobe's usual robotic-y tunes.
Level 15 OHCist
post #18776 :: 2012.04.19 8:33am
That 4th chord ain't strobe

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