The Grammar of Gunpowder
  Mar 19th 2017 8:20am
This was originally made in Octamed in the 90's. It was converted to XM and the 8-bit samples were replaced with 16-bit samples. The file sat unused and forgotten for over a decade and has now has been converted to SPC.

As per usual, this song uses some non-standard IT vibrato waveforms, filter sweeps, noise frequency sweeps, pitch modulation, and an 8 sample wavetable to cycle through. In a couple of places I've used some of psycopathicteen's code to generate two operator FM wave samples.

I hadn't planned on pulling a George Lucas*, but I shortened some samples and increased the echo. The song now uses echo delay 7, 9, and 10.

This is the most description I've ever given.

* Making 1,000 modifications after the initial release.

Pattern data: 6982 bytes
Sample data: 29529 bytes
Instrument data: 314 bytes
Envelope data: 915 bytes
Header size: 616 bytes
Echo region: 20480 bytes
Total: 58836 bytes

Module Length: 166/200
Patterns: 36/64
Instruments: 61/64
Samples: 52/64
Creative Commons License

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post #79937 :: 2017.03.08 9:27am :: edit 2017.03.08 9:27am
Nice, some samples in it make it even nicer
Level 13 Chipist
post #81008 :: 2017.03.19 7:32am :: edit 2017.03.19 8:20am
Thanks. Hopefully that's still the case. I just uploaded a revised version. In order to save 2727 bytes I chopped off the end of three drum samples which gave me more RAM for echo and pattern data.

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