metallic mirrored noise png

Level 15 OHCist
chip battle art

solar power 
96th Σ4.062

naked power 
114th Σ3.349

cool breeze 
117th Σ3.173

face melt 
75th Σ4.307

burning pants 
109th Σ3.493

Level 15 OHCist
post #16677 :: 2011.08.31 6:08am :: edit 2011.08.31 6:18pm
Be sure to listen to the mp3 preview.

EDIT: puke7 fixed (got rid of) the image mp3 preview, so here it is
. The image is a time-frequency representation of that recording.
Level 9 Chipist
post #16785 :: 2011.08.31 11:30pm
Nice Aphex Twin sort of trick. How'd you shape the freqs to make that?
Level 15 OHCist
post #16801 :: 2011.09.01 9:43am :: edit 2011.09.01 9:45am
Thanks man, I haven't heard Aphex Twin but I'll check them out!
I used this software: Baudline
Level 14 chipist
post #16808 :: 2011.09.01 12:19pm
This is an interesting concept- is this your first audio-to-visual project or have you done others like this? :o
Level 15 OHCist
post #16822 :: 2011.09.01 3:09pm :: edit 2011.09.01 4:53pm
Thank you Willow. I just had this idea while on the BotB IRC channel. I have used baudline before, for visualizing music, but I wouldn't call that a project.

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