Nov 2nd 2018 7:44pm
Made with SunVox on my phone

I started this as a pipe organ tocatta for Spoopy 3 but I couldn't think of additional ideas, but then I saw classical and metal were added. I had the idea for the clavier piece for Classical so I decided I'd add instruments to finish this as Metal.

The pipe organ is made from Spectra FFT additive modules.

Syncla-X VST came out in during that time, which had me curious about the Synclavier II synthesis architecture, and I realized that I could make a template to represent it in SunVox fairly easily. When this battle opened I decided to see if I could approximate the way Vince DiCola made his leads and maybe substitute with the real guitar if I had a chance. I don't think I got anywhere close, but the lead/guitar sound you hear is made from stacks of FM synth modules, with a waveshaper and distortion/bitcrush module to make the clipping. I started off testing it with an imitation of Eruption and continued from there.

The bass guitar is a Proteus sample. The drums and cymbals are from my DR-550 which I've had since I was 16. I don't remember where I got the CR and mellotron samples from, I've had them since 2004 or earlier. There is no limiter in SunVox, so although I don't believe in stacking compressors, SunVox has no limiter but a pile of compressors sounds close enough, or at least I'm happy with what I wrangled out of it.

The ending seems more like Flower Kings than metal but I'm still pleased with it.
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Level 24 Taggist
post #105028 :: 2018.11.02 7:45pm
so this is basically a mashup of 3 different genres? nice!
Level 23 Chipist
post #105034 :: 2018.11.03 8:24am
Level 11 Mixist
post #105035 :: 2018.11.03 8:47am
i really liked this one

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