Sunny Highway
  Aug 11th 2019 9:49am
Oh this sounds familiar... reminds of my spc-entry?.... probably because this is an MPT-hacked .xm trying to emulate SNES, and it uses the same sounds + some more :). The samples are configured similar to BRRs and 8 channels for playback. Why not .spc is because of the total sample size is sadly stretching over 64kB because of those "some more" samples, even when they are compressed to BRRs.

The finished tune gave me the vibes of driving on highway in late summer, so when wildchip was so requested that it got added into Summer Chip 9 in the end, I decided to get this music-piece up.

Interpolation: Sinc; Loop: Yes
since this is a MPT-hacked .xm, play only with OpenMPT playback because there is DX-echo to simulate SNES-echo, which sound xmplay messes up in this case.
Creative Commons License

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Level 14 chipist
post #113425 :: 2019.08.15 10:29am
  ASIKWUSpulse liēkd this
This is really nice, really moody and atmospheric as well as catchy. I like the melodies.
A bit of criticism, that one high pitched lead sound, which sounds like it has a reso filter on it, or something, is a bit harsh. All the other sounds are nice, though.
Level 14 Chipist
post #113427 :: 2019.08.15 11:49am :: edit 2019.08.15 11:50am
Yeah, I had those doubts, but didn't think it would be much of a deal. Now I see that I maybe should've lowered the volume on it some :)
Level 17 Mixist
post #113484 :: 2019.08.18 11:04am
personally i love the resonant filter i was just popping in here to be like "dang that filter is straight sloppy with resonance" i think the mixing is good too >:)

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