Sunny Days
  Jun 2nd 2019 3:29am
rough cut of a track from an album i'm currently working on
hope the mix is okay, my headphones are currently broken

Now that troubled times are far away
take those cloudy skies and turn them into sunny days
Leave all those cares behind, gotta get out of that state of mind
Pull yourself together, there's no time to waste

Come on baby, wipe those tears away
You'll wake up tomorrow, it'll be okay
Intangible as it may seem with your broken hearts and broken dreams
please understand that life will find a way

Huge lack of compatibility, out of touch with reality
Will we be okay, will we stay this way?
Seems it comes with all these years of nothing to hide and nothing to fear
but just drift away, things might be okay

Don't you see the way that you could be?
You could be so happy. baby, can't you see?
But as it stands now, honestly, you're just killing yourself slowly
Forget tomorrow's troubles, they can't trouble us today
'cuz they're miles and miles and miles and miles away
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Level 27 Renderist
post #111457 :: 2019.06.09 7:59am
how smokey is your jacket?

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