Striking Towards the Opposition
  Jan 19th 2019 7:33pm
I've been holding this one for like, 3 months, just waiting for the opportunity to post it. This was the most ambitious song I've done until now, since it's far away from my style, and the main focus was on the sound design. I can't deny, I used a few Overdrive 2 (from Strobe) patches, but mostly the instruments are hand-made or heavily modified ones from other places. Well, I hope you enjoy it.
P.S.: Kleeder strikes back with a render! Thanks again!
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Level 5 Playa
post #106764 :: 2019.01.20 11:04am :: edit 2019.01.20 11:05am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
god damn, this is really nice

always had a soft spot for DnB too, and honestly this is just some really good DnB shit

damn nice job here!!!
Level 25 Chipist
post #106772 :: 2019.01.20 2:40pm
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
This is kickass!

Please, teach me your ways!
Level 21 Pixelist
post #106774 :: 2019.01.20 4:46pm
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
Oh, the sound design in it is absolutely stunning <3
This really shows the power of FM
Level 24 Chipist
post #106817 :: 2019.01.23 2:16am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
Level 18 Chipist
post #107695 :: 2019.02.16 8:44am
  RigidatoMS liēkd this
I think the percussion is really underwhelming for a song like this, but otherwise the sound design is good.
Level 11 Chipist
post #107697 :: 2019.02.16 9:02am
Hm, maybe because I had to use PSG3 and PSG4 for snare, it doesn't sound as punchy. The hi-hats are OP1 and OP2 from CH3 and the kick is just OP3, while the bass is just OP4 (the patch for all of these uses Alg6).

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