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sun in pants 
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Star Gate Psycho Lab
  10th/237   Σ27.861   Jul 14th 2020 1:03pm

In 1995, a secret CIA program, named Project Star Gate, was declassified and cancelled. This program was initiated in 1971 by the U.S. Army as part of the arms race with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The purpose of the program? Investigate and weaponize the latent psychic powers within test subjects.

Since the conclusion of Project Star Gate, many have scoffed at the preposterous nature of the endeavor, citing its many failures and lack of usefulness to the armed forces of the United States. Those who scoff assume that they know everything that occurred during Project Star Gate, and they also assume that the government is telling the truth about ending the program.

Journey with me to the true Project Star Gate. The walls are covered in Tesla coils and Jacob's Ladders. Glass vats filled with glowing green liquid hold bobbing, disembodied brains. Hundreds of "talented" people are captive in bare concrete cells along with mountains of mind-bent spoons. Welcome to Star Gate Psycho Lab. The year is 2020.
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Level 8 Mixist
post #123954 :: 2020.07.26 7:25am
  OminPigeonMaster and Vav liēkd this
daddy vav, or may I say Vavvy, bless us with your psychosomatic melodic medicine 🥵
Level 18 XHBist
post #124558 :: 2020.08.04 7:48am
  Vav liēkd this
I love storytelling in music, and in description. Also, dat mood and chord progressions, really nice vav! Interesting and evolving. I listened half of the fakebit entries at the moment, it is my personal favorite right now.
Level 8 Mixist
post #125698 :: 2020.08.22 8:12am
  Vav liēkd this
This is wonderful! The story and setting goes perfectly with the music, i can see the whole level

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