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flowers in pants 
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Spring Rain
  100th/277   Σ23.432   May 12th 2017 12:38am
The Deli worker looks around in the cafeteria as he slowly chews his meat sandwich. A young girl loudly talks about her sex life with a friend at a nearby table. He notices himself being attracted as he catches a glance, but this old man has no intentions with teenagers. It's raining, not snowing. Something to look forward to...

I started making this six days before the Spring Tracks VI deadline. Every day I made a new part in a different time signature. I decided to end today, three days away with an ending returning to 6. It goes, 6, 5, 4, 3, 6.
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Level 24 Chipist
post #83760 :: 2017.05.12 6:21pm
  sc liēkd this
Strange description, but awesome song! :)
Level 13 Mixist
post #84851 :: 2017.05.29 3:06am
  sc liēkd this
very nice, i like that there are multiple different sections to the song. i kinda wished that there was a point where you just went straight breaks & bass (the breaks had too much reverby stuff with them to really hit hard imo) but the song kind of went in a different direction instead.
Level 9 Mixist
post #84965 :: 2017.05.31 2:35am
  sc liēkd this
I really like the section at 1:45, feels like I'm blasting through a deepocean jetstream of fluorescent animals
Level 26 Mixist
post #84994 :: 2017.05.31 2:20pm
Jredd: The description was trying to communicate what spring feels like in Michigan. There's always a lot of hype about the first day of spring and it usually snows. The first day of spring is never warm and although it's kind of depressing there's still this idea that you know Winter is slowing down in the near future. So it's kind of hopeful but I can see how it would seem weird because it definitely is.

Johnfn: Thanks! If it was a different kind of song I would have let the breaks go dry and hard for some of it. This one was more about melody and dynamics and although I think the drums are punchy enough for the track, they're never really in your face like some of my other tracks. There is a lot of echo and space filler noises like rain going on in general, maybe a bit too much. It made the sounds I was using sound more natural though. I probably could have spent a little more time producing the sounds but since I recorded some of the sounds like the rain with a unprofessional mic I was only able to push some of the sounds so far. Over-all I'm happy with it, especially compared to my other entries for this battle.

and Flappy the seal: Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
Level 23 Chipist
post #85304 :: 2017.06.03 10:25pm
  sc liēkd this
DUDE this is a great one, SC. You nailed it. I feel like this could be awesome for a fighting game, or a scifi RPG. ...or a really fast sonic game haha. Great job and cool stuff on dem breaks son.
Level 16 Pixelist
post #85588 :: 2017.06.07 10:00am
That description must be to better suit the "pervernality" voting category :P

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