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cool breeze 
22nd Σ5.280

face melt 
33rd Σ5.125

hawt night 
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sweaty morning 
33rd Σ4.992

sun burnt pants 
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  23rd/166   Σ25.727   Aug 20th 2017 10:57am
A fine collab between the talented Robyn and DeltaRazero.

In tribute to the demoscene.
Creative Commons License

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Level 23 Chipist
post #89435 :: 2017.08.20 3:03pm
  Robyn liēkd this
Fuck yeaah mang. One of you had mentioned this collab to me, and I was pretty excited. And the resulting product definitely delivered the pay off! I love how the intro does the tempo fade into the next section. Super action packed track, I could totally hear this music playing as I jump on some goons heads and make my way from platform to platform, or fly through some tight canyons dodging bullets and collecting power ups. Nice tense change up around 3:18 with that minor break! <3
Level 22 Pixelist
post #89666 :: 2017.08.24 5:25pm
  Robyn liēkd this
Kinda wish the whole song was based on the idea from patterns 37-40 more, when those slappy fender samples kick in, this section is pure badass :)
Still gud, and definitely not a low effort entry, A+
Level 24 Chipist
post #89971 :: 2017.09.01 5:16pm
  Robyn liēkd this
Awesome collab guys! <3
Level 11 Pixelist
post #90094 :: 2017.09.05 1:30am
Level 14 Chipist
post #90264 :: 2017.09.09 8:12am
It has many interesting parts, maybe a bit too much and not all the parts are of the same quality or well tied toegther. I think this track would benefit from some editing to maybe a shorter length with all the best bits. But you definitely took a lot of work and it really has many good ideas.

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