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post #90378 :: 2017.09.11 11:34am
  Slimeball and MiDoRi liēkd this
wow man you're so awesome this should've gotten -4th place that's how good it is it's so good that it goes above 1st place ilu handsome send ravioli recipe.

This map was very haphazardly made and I'm surprised the layout actually makes sense for a ctf. The idea I had was that going to the top took longer but it was safer, whereas going to the other side through the bottom would be very quick but extremely risky.

There's a bunch of ways you can invade, like the aforementioned top and bottom paths. If you go through the top there's a quick way an invader can take to get to the flag, but it's not the only one possible. With proper skill you can make it from base to base in one standard turn
. If you go even further you can make a hole right next to the flag and drop down in the next turn to claim a quick victory, not without a huge risk though.

The chunks of land suspended in the middle of the map serve the purpose of standing on them as well as limiting the possibilities for attacking, so you can't just hit everywhere without positioning yourself properly. The yellow one has an error and it's wider than it should be.

The map has a design problem at the spawn point that went over my head as I was making it. You can attempt to snipe the enemy's spawn and kill all their worms at once. This is unacceptable and should be fixed.

You guys should try playing the ctf scheme sometime, it rewards your skill more than your luck. You can still get overpowered tools in crates but you need to use them at the right place and time in order to succeed.

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post #90390 :: 2017.09.11 11:58am
Lmao xD
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post #90409 :: 2017.09.11 2:26pm
  MiDoRi liēkd this

Revised version, sniping at spawn should now take long enough for all the worms to escape so it's not practical anymore.

Also did a few other adjustments to hopefully balance the map better. Compare between the submitted entry and the linked file to see what's changed.

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