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I did a brunt of this composition on Amtrak to and from Washington D.C. for my first MAGFest!!! [MAGfest was awesome!! HUUEERGGGGG!!!]

I want to thank creators of Renoise, Nord, Presonus, M-Audio, Adafruit, and Radioshack for making this happen. Literally you have no idea what I've done here!!! I lost my Presonus Firebox SPDIF/MIDI cable which costs $20 to replace. So, I used adafruit prototyping wires to adapt an M-Audio SPDIF/MIDI cable to Presonus Firebox to save $14 lol... Which will really come out to $10 savings after I build my permanent adapter. Oh well it's fun :D

Also thanks to the kind folks at #BotB for helping me with various things along the way -- namely musical advice and getting MIDI working properly in Renoise.

This song is actually unfinished, like most of my works thus far, but I'm releasing it because I think it's an amazing personal accomplishment and I don't want to overdo myself. This is my first composition to include side-chaining, and direct output from my synth controlled via MIDI. I've never done those things before, and it was a blast learning how to do it!! On the one hand, I do have issues where I suddenly get latency in the delivery of MIDI -> synth -> Renoise .. so I have had to re-init my DAW device many times to keep getting no latency for several minutes before getting it again.. if anyone has any tips on that, I'd love to hear it... because I plan on doing more songs with this setup!

Also a shoutz to some places where I got samples from, including the side-chaining tutorial,, Sega Master System Pristine Samples pack.

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post #51986 :: 2015.01.19 3:04am
A cool song.
Level 13 Chipist
post #52656 :: 2015.02.01 10:04pm
I suggest wearing headphones
Level 25 Mixist
post #53182 :: 2015.02.09 11:34pm
  bazz and goluigi liēkd this
dat bazz
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post #53623 :: 2015.02.15 3:04pm
  bazz liēkd this
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post #53931 :: 2015.02.22 10:20am
  bazz liēkd this
I fucking love this.
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post #65679 :: 2016.03.26 3:27pm
  bazz liēkd this
this is really amazing bazz! quite professional and really cool to listen to! =' 3 congratulations! this is really awesome = D

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