Seven Days in Space
  Apr 5th 2018 6:11am
Space. It's vast. Infinite even. You get to take a good view of what it is, sent out in a ship on a mission of seven days. Seven days to get accustomed to what space even is, what it means. It is an exciting adventure, travelling from planet to planet, getting a look at its surface. The crew is just as astonished as you are each time there is a new planet to quickly toss a view to. The days go by, but what would a mission be without a change of pace? The alarm sounds, you snap out of your sleep. On the sixth day, the day of this alarm, you just ask yourself...

... Is this the end?

Everyone on the ship is running, grabbing their belongings and gear in order to fend off the unknown lifeforms. You snap out of your moment of melancholy, replacing it with the motivation to last through it and push on.

The fight was shorter than you'd expect, ridding the enemy presence before they can do any major harm to the ship. With a boosted morale the crew sits through the seventh day, ready to share what they saw with everyone on planet earth.
Made in FT-0cc, using the VRC6 expansion chip. Was fun to drift away from just 2a03 for once!
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  Producer-san liēkd this
this is a masterpiece

i'm speechless

one of the most well crafted famitracker songs i've ever heard, props man! and please keep on tracking!~ :D

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