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walk the plank 
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  2nd/10   Σ28.043   May 7th 2009 9:34pm
I heart pirate booty.
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Level 15 Mixist
post #11012 :: 2009.05.08 12:17pm
Very Aphex, nice!
Level 24 Chipist
post #11015 :: 2009.05.08 3:45pm
Lovely FM-sounding tones. Goes on a lot longer than I was expecting, but lasts. Good mix
Level 14 Mixist
post #11020 :: 2009.05.08 8:40pm
i still dont get how you and Marmy, can get a perfect clap sound out of anything...And i spent hours trying to get a square, but only managed to make a bunch of saw waves. screw you two, and your audio skills. ;P

Level 16 Mixist
post #11022 :: 2009.05.08 10:34pm
I'm wondering what audio editing program you use? As before I've explained how to zoom way the hell into a wav and manipulate points. Perhaps try any sample, zoom in and use a zoomed in square as a reference. It's like molding with a model reference. i use adobe audition, however I would imagine any decent wav editing program to do the trick. a tuner is helpful as well.
Level 16 Mixist
post #11023 :: 2009.05.08 11:52pm
Of course there is more to it than that...
even with the extremely careful and tedious attempts, your homemade wav will never be perfect... unless, of course, you know something that i dont. however, there are subtle tricks you can perform to enhance your quality and essentially give the illusion of a more perfect wave. Now dont get me wrong, i take great pains in sculpting it as best a copy as Im capable, but its never perfect. (In fact, your model is probably not perfect, as even digital representations of analogue synths carry their own blueprint, which gives character to each synth. the retro synths are very warm and much desired.) As far as percussion goes, it isnt actually necessary to get it completely perfect... but as far as like, say, the 3 acid sections of this track, the copy job is more noticable, and flaws are enhanced. So you mold a good sin wave and import it into a sampler and write percussion as you would analogue. you control the sample pitch with the mod envelope (or whatever envelope) and throw some crispy distortion, and you could make some good percussion as you would with any synth. And your copy job would matter less as the influence of pitch and careful distortion would define the nature of the sound so much. (but of course not completely) And then adjust your amp env according to which drum your writing and go to town. Im assuming you know how to write an analogue bass drum, snare, hi hats etc?.. also if you add voice with nothing detuned and mostly dry, that can enhance the sound, i do that quite often. . Actually pitch can go a long way in helping more than just percussion, its the subtle details that add up. It's also important to know that the quicker the sample is, the less obvious of flaws, well... some of the time anyway, not in every case. It would actually be fun to demonstrate these things on video or something. There's too much ground to cover with mere botb posts. It's good to have a good sound editing program with mucho features and abilities, because you find yourself finding uses for these things you never knew would help. Also on a side note, adjusting your stereo field for each sampler (or synth outside of botb) in your track is important in relation to sequencing, because a moment can get too crowded in your track, and depending on taste you can give your drums a wide range and leave the melody or harmony in the middle, as you would vocals, or vice versa, or whatever. I myself am guilty of overcrowding alot. anyway i digress... I have to stop myself as i could go on and on into the void...
Level 14 Mixist
post #11035 :: 2009.05.09 1:49pm
tanks for teh brief lesson...I just take the nnxt and loop a sample to a percent to get a tone,that would explain why i only get saw.I use Audacity but barely. I suppose im skipping parts of the process. To spread audio, i spider to mixers together and pan them left and right equally, but different amounts according to what instrument it represents.And thanks for catching my sarcasm.. .Im a HUGE milk_beep junkie. I deliver pizzas, while blaring your stuff fullblast all day, every day. thanks again
Level 16 Mixist
post #11036 :: 2009.05.09 2:05pm
Oh, i didnt know you used reason. That's awesome, most people around here use trackers and just assumed you did as well. you can also widen your stereo field with a delay, by routing one channel into the delay which is set to like 9 - 14 ms and the other channel directly into the mixer, and just adjust your left right to taste.
Level 6 Criticist
post #11037 :: 2009.05.09 3:20pm
This one is a big hit among my friends. Wild, as they don't really listen to this kind of music. Fantastic track, Bleedy.
Level 14 Mixist
post #11052 :: 2009.05.10 4:51pm
Ha yeah, the only tracker ive ever learned was lsdj.
Took a minute too, cause of the fact that every thing is vertical/and a menu within a menu etc.thanks, Ill try that delay trick.......And if you make a instruction video, ill scoop that up for 29.99 XD
Level 18 Chipist
post #11055 :: 2009.05.11 8:55am
Reminds me of Squarepusher's Hello Meow, but with moar pirates and therfore moar better. Well done again, Captain B'master.
Level 30 Mixist
post #11065 :: 2009.05.11 6:41pm
classic bleedy
def longer than most yer tracks
but i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD IT IS IN HI_DEF 1080p YO!!! ZOMG!!! I can't HEAR the scanlines?!?!?!?! =0
Level 16 Mixist
post #11070 :: 2009.05.11 9:11pm
I made it long for the ladies. and of course I thought i would drop the blue ray release for those of you with hi-def minds!!!!!
Level 27 Mixist
post #11077 :: 2009.05.12 6:39pm
i want more bleed!!!!!!!!!! :D-------- jeje... man delicious as always :D... i want to coop with you someday! :D if that's possible :X.... to see what happend...

About the track, i like the part at 2:29 :XXXX the beat is supperb as always, and how you manipule the voices too. Then the pause at 3:00, best part :D... JEZZUZZ...
Level 16 Mixist
post #11096 :: 2009.05.15 12:31am
ui, we can coop on the next compo if you want. I'm down, you can write the melody and me the percussion or the other way around... whatever you want to do, but i use reason ,so you'll probably have to start it out then give me what come up with so i can finish it up. anyway, however you want to do it.

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