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Rock n' Bass
  310th/312   Σ14.705   Jan 8th 2018 4:40am
A song I made in tEFFx's SnoozeTracker program back in August 2017.
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Level 14 Chipist
post #94154 :: 2018.01.08 5:36am
Oh no
Level 23 Chipist
post #94160 :: 2018.01.08 10:02am :: edit 2018.01.08 3:46pm
  RazerBlue6 and Pegmode liēkd this
c h a t l o g G O
>also, just finished the song
>loops galore
>the main instrument is ear-piercing
>the bass goes out of key
>i cant even remember if there was percussion
>(ok, there is, pressed play again)
>the melody is too frantic for the style he's going for here
>but at least its not a single sustained lowest noise note in brucebox

At least...again, better than a single sustained noise note in BruceBox or a series of rising notes in vanilla. :o I'll give you a fav for actually trying, here's hoping you can strive to make more actual music! :>
Level 23 Chipist
post #94187 :: 2018.01.08 3:03pm
  Pegmode and Quirby64 liēkd this
And it begins... lol

Nice pacing with introducing and arranging your melodic elements, but I would have liked to have heard more go on with the individual melodies (the bass line is pretty flat) and some sort of variation/changes. Also I think you may want to learn a bit more about scales and key signatures.
Level 27 Chipist
post #95641 :: 2018.02.09 1:17am
  Fearofdark liēkd this
how did u get that timbre out of a master system?? :-0
Level 25 Chipist
post #96674 :: 2018.02.22 4:40am :: edit 2018.02.22 5:06am
  charlotte liēkd this
Yeah I'm also curious as to how you got that distorted guitar sound out of SMS since I'm not sure the real hardware could do that :P May be eligible for SGEN tho

(EDIT: Okayyy did some research.. thanks to something called Snoozetracker PCM in SN7 is a thing now apparently??.. huh..)
Level 8 Chipist
post #97328 :: 2018.03.08 10:05pm
SnoozeTracker, PCM sampling via volume manipulation

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