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Level 12 Chipist
post #52947 :: 2015.02.07 11:11am
  Apsarah, bazz and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
It's not a PSG category, it's an SMS category. I hope people don't penalize for FM.
Level 30 Chipist
post #52948 :: 2015.02.07 11:22am
  Apsarah, Sylveon, Warlord and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
  irrlicht project and goluigi hæitd this
addendum: looks like its a chip used in the japanese version of the console.

looks like its legit ( ¯u¯)-b
Level 13 Mixist
post #53053 :: 2015.02.08 8:17am
  Apsarah liēkd this
  goluigi hæitd this
Nice to see someone else use YM2413, was going to enter one in wildchip. I think it should be allowed for SMS.
Level 14 Chipist
post #53086 :: 2015.02.08 2:26pm
  Apsarah, goluigi and bazz liēkd this
Pretty cool.
Level 13 Chipist
post #53236 :: 2015.02.10 5:56pm
  Apsarah, garvalf and bazz liēkd this
I love the fast arpeggios in the background
Level 13 Chipist
post #53374 :: 2015.02.13 1:05am
  Apsarah liēkd this
this is sick
Level 21 Chipist
post #53491 :: 2015.02.14 1:02pm
what?? no more favorites????
Level 23 Chipist
post #53834 :: 2015.02.20 4:53pm :: edit 2015.02.20 4:57pm
  m9m, raphaelgoulart and DalekSam hæitd this
  RatShack and ap0c liēkd this
This song is beautiful. However, legit or not, I think it has no place in the SMS category. It's simply unfair to pitch this against pure PSG entries. Also, despite this category being called SMS, the Lyceum page quite clearly states that it is for SN76489.
Level 21 Chipist
post #53835 :: 2015.02.20 5:07pm
  raphaelgoulart and DalekSam hæitd this
  irrlicht project liēkd this
I agree with irrlicht project. Having the YM2413 in this category is like allowing expansion in the regular NSF category. It's an optional add-on for the Mark III and only built into the MK-2000 version of the console, meaning it's not standard issue, in my opinion.
Level 12 Chipist
post #53838 :: 2015.02.20 7:06pm :: edit 2015.02.20 7:29pm
  Apsarah and raphaelgoulart liēkd this
Yes, the lyceum states it's for the PSG, but it doesn't say it's ONLY for the PSG.

Also, such descriptions as it being option are only accurate for MasterSystems outside of Japan. And within Japan, only the precursors to the SMS had it optional and was standard hardware for the console actually called the "Sega Master System".

The title clearly points out it's for JP SMS, not JP SG-3000 or anything else. FM is a part of that.

[edit:]The lyceum article even has ym2413 written in the corner so even the author acknowledges its usage
Level 21 Chipist
post #53841 :: 2015.02.20 9:39pm :: edit 2015.02.20 9:39pm
  RazerBlue6 hæitd this
  raphaelgoulart and irrlicht project liēkd this
It was called the Master System/Power Base here, etc. The title was doesn't clearly call out anything as it is colloquially called the "SMS" regardless of region. It doesn't say "JP SMS" - it just says "Sega Master System", which could refer to any of the them so that is murky, I suppose. EX: Googling Sega Master System doesn't JUST turn up the MK-2000; it turns up all versions.

As for the [edit] argument, the Lyceum article AND the category identifier also says YM2613, which is 100% not something you'd find on an SMS, regardless of version or country... so I suppose I should be allowed to enter Mega Drive tracks into this category as well? I believe it's just because the original article discussed the SN76489's inclusion on the MD/GEN hardware.

Still, if anything, the rules are clouded as the article specifically defines the SN76489 and does NOT discuss the YM2413 though it is "tagged", as you point out.

This should be further defined for future contests. I'm sure many of the people in this category would have used YM2413 had it been known that you were allowed to use it, myself included. On this basis, I defend my argument that the comparison of pure PSG to YM2413 in a contest is difficult, just as irrilicht points out.
Level 12 Chipist
post #53842 :: 2015.02.20 10:15pm
  Apsarah and ap0c liēkd this
Exactly, it could refer to any of 'em. I just chose a specific version of the console.

I would liken this to a situation where the most popular nsf creation tool only emulated the very first versions of the 2a03. For 9 winters the tradition was to use only white noise and then comes along one entry which uses a revision 1 2a03 and thus made use of the periodic noise.

Is it really so bad to follow the letter of the law? I'd go as far as to say even the spirit of the law/competition as this is still a work done in appreciation of anything worthy of a chipist format and not a mixist/allgear work. imo that's what the chipist formats are really about: making music for consoles.

[No comment about dualpokey]
Level 23 Chipist
post #53848 :: 2015.02.21 3:09am
  goluigi hæitd this
Dualpokey is it's own format, for good reasons. Also there is the nsf format, which supports plenty of expansion chips. Are they allowed in the nsf category? No, there's nsf+ for that, again for good reasons. Some Russian versions of the ZX Spectrum have Turbo Sound. Do we allow that in AY? Nope.
The point of the chipist formats is to compete within a common set of limitations. Anything else is simply unfair.
Level 27 Chipist
post #53851 :: 2015.02.21 6:35am :: edit 2015.02.21 6:39am
While I personally have nothing against what this entry is doing, I do agree that using the YM2413 in the SMS category is a bit unfair towards SN76489 entries, seeing as it was only found in Japanese models.
This is why I am suggesting that there be created a new format, smsjp. This new format, if ever added to BotB, would allow YM2413 sms entries to be submitted without worrying about fairness toward SN76489 entries (or whatever problems you would have with YM2413 entries vs. SN76489 entries).

Potential format badge for smsjp.

EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I absolutely love this entry.
Level 13 Mixist
post #53854 :: 2015.02.21 7:16am
I'd like to see a SMS+ format that allows 2 x SN76489 (Game Gear) and YM2413.

For what it's worth, the code in XPMCK that handles rhythm mode is broken/unfinished.
Level 21 Chipist
post #53855 :: 2015.02.21 7:45am :: edit 2015.02.21 7:51am
  raphaelgoulart and 9999HP liēkd this
@DoctorGentlemen - to be clear, I have no issue with you submitting it! I'm just bummed that the rules seem so incredibly murky.
Level 14 Chipist
post #60332 :: 2015.10.02 8:38pm
  raphaelgoulart liēkd this
This track is really incredible, and I had no idea that the FM+PSG combo could be used together in the SMS. And I had no idea just how fantastic you could make it sound. I always enjoyed the YM2413 ever since I first tried out Phantasy Star 1 with that version of the soundtrack playing.

Even after all the message board posts in a different thread I participated in, my final desire would be to have an SMS+ category for this particular brand. BUT, that would be contingent on whether or not Deflemask gains tracking ability for the YM2413+PSG combo. That would give maximum reasonable accessibility to everyone. Not everyone has the time or patience for XPMCK, or MML, or whatever else is used (namely me :P )
Level 21 Pixelist
post #104358 :: 2018.10.11 2:20pm
So much better than raw SN76489

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