Red Berry Tree
  Jan 20th 2020 4:58am

I really wanted to get a combination of pixel textures in this one. There may be a lot of dithering in the background but almost all of it was copy-pasted. I really like contouring letters around shapes for some reason.
Fun fact: I sketched this on a sticky note then pixelled it over.
Edit: I noticed a lack of contrast between the letters and the sky so I fixed it. I think.
Edit: No I didn't :(
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Level 17 Chipist
post #117102 :: 2020.01.20 8:23am
  Oli liēkd this
It looks nice peaceful and organic :3
Level 5 Chipist
post #117651 :: 2020.02.13 12:40pm
I love the words-fitting-the-contour-of-things! I'ts a lot like a poster for an underground show

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