Rarest of the Rarest
  Mar 6th 2019 4:23pm

Some of the formats get hosted so infrequently that it is possible for any of them to actually turn into a rare format, without anybody noticing in particular. We're not sure how many of these forgotten formats exist on BotB, but we gotta keep searching for them, and hosting them. The "Very Rare Formats" Major Battle is only a scratch of an iceberg, containing nearly mundane formats such as "mod32k" and "ANSI art" that are not very likely to slip by past our sights. But has there been a "MicroTune" or "ZXCTracker" OHB in ages? Have they even appeared in a major?

Who can remember all of these little meaningless formats, when they come and go, come and go, come and go and never come back again. Who will remember all the short-lived formants, many of which never even got a lyceum article made out of them? These are forces that are beyound our comprehension and control and it's really stunning to think about it.


Formats in danger of disappearing stick to a wet rag.
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