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  Mar 16th 2019 6:16am

80 columns, 24 lines, 9600 baud or better recommended.

Making an ASCII image and then trying to convert it to ANSI might have been a mistake. Maybe. Also, the bubbles blink under DOS, but instead show up on a high intensity background under Windows.

EDIT: Re-saved out of Pablo instead of Acid. Blinking gone. Original version (with blinking) available here
for those of you running ANSI.SYS under DOS.
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Level 11 Criticist
post #109108 :: 2019.03.16 12:07am :: edit 2019.03.16 6:37am
Not sure what's up with the viewer... I've re-downloaded it and it loads fine in both Pablo and Acid. Any idears?

EDIT: I are n00b, I saved it out of ACiDDraw with an 80 character-per-line limit (which counts all the individual characters of the ANSI codes).
Level 27 Chipist
post #109110 :: 2019.03.16 4:43am :: edit 2019.03.16 6:17am
  Pale Dim liēkd this
this looks extremely nice!
i had a similar issue a few months ago. which version of pablodraw are you using? try to resave it in version 3.2.1 or so.

Edit: YAY its working now ^o^
Level 10 Chipist
post #109875 :: 2019.04.21 1:08pm
  Pale Dim liēkd this
holy scheiss this is very nice!
like the classy-looking v so much :D

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