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Rano - Arcoiris Testicular (SC Cover)
  65th/251   Σ23.993   Mar 24th 2016 3:12pm
This is a Fakebit version of Rano's Gameboy song. It's a real cover, I reprogrammed the original drum patterns! Cute right?

The original won 3ed place in the Gameboy category for Winter Chip 2. Winter Chip 2 was one of the most mind-blowing battles in Botb history and my favorite Chip battle of all time. So many of the entries were just amazing. Strobe and Rushjet1 had slayed in the original Winter Chip and made a return, while so many new chip artists like Kulor and Anamanaguchi (who I had never heard of) were registering with botb and entering Winter Chip 2.

/ Surasshu (slash) Took the battle and in my opinion it was a well deserved win. He never came back to us but I guess he makes music for video games or something.

Winter chip 2 was a pretty huge landmark for Botb with 120 entries instead of the 31 from Winter Chip 1. It was a very exciting time for Botb (and a bit confusing for oldworld sample based artists). I placed pretty low while trying to make breakcore with nintendo static lol. Things always change and evolve. I was happy to be a part of it then and I still am! Go check out Winter Chip 2 if you haven't already!
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This song is a cover of :: RANO? - arcoiris testicular

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